Small Business Services

Small businesses play an important role in the world today but many don’t have access to reliable technology services and support. We offer a variety of cost effective and sustainable solutions designed with small businesses in mind. Our mission is to build and support your technology implementations so that you can focus on your core business.

We can customize both solutions and services to ensure that your technology stack is always running the best it can. We will do what it takes to make sure that your technology is there for you when you need it. Don’t let marketing or random ideas bring you and your company additional technical debt. Reach out to us for a business consultation and let us show you what we can do for you.

Backup and Storage Solutions

Storage solutions are not as simple as you would think. Many small businesses rely on decentralized or cloud storage options. These solutions at first can be easy and quick to setup but come with a long term cost to the business. We can help you implement a storage solution that will help to reduce long term problems and provide you with backup capabilities.

Business Class Networking

Many small businesses rely on off the shelf network solutions to get up and running. There are multiple problems that are introduced by using off the shelf products. Don't let your network become an operational problem. We have cost effective network solutions that can grow with your business.

Server Solutions

Applications today are a mix of both cloud and on-premise based solutions. Even companies that have tried cloud only technologies often find themselves still needing servers in house for something. We can design, install, and support your on-premise servers for those use cases.